Accountancy & Bookkeeping

As much as you'd love to avoid it, there's no getting away from the need to manage your books, work with an accountant and get those many and various tax returns submitted, on time. And yet, every year, 750,000 people needlessly fail to make the return deadline.

Working with Business-Buddies ensures two things: 1) you'll never be fined, and 2) you'll likely reduce the cost of managing your finances.


Reduce risk and avoid late payment penalties

Whether operating as an employee or self-employed, it is important that you follow and apply the PAYE rules. Calculate the payroll incorrectly and the result could be retrospective action from HMRC when you least expect it.

Business Buddies has partnered with PAYE experts MLE Accounting Ltd to help you overcome the hurdles presented my managing PAYE, providing clients with a friendly and professional service, ensuring compliance with HMRC rules at all times.


Services include:

  • Manage payments and payslip distribution

  • Submit year-end PAYE retruns

  • PAYE scheme registration

End-of-year returns

Reduce the cost of managing your accounts

We have partnered with an expert accountant to ensure that you benefit from proactive and expert financial advice and service.

MLE Accounting Ltd provides a range of value added services, and you're guaranteed to receive a clear and accurate picture of your financial health which is of considerable benefit when building a detailed picture of your future.

MLEs advanced accounting systems mean that we can produce reports in a variety of ways and whenever you may need,

Services include:

  • Management accounts monthly, quarterly or annually

  • Actual results/business plan or budget analysis

  • Costing information including break even/turnover info

Company formations

Grow Your Business

Are you part of the Construction Industry Scheme and required to file CIS returns to HMRC on a monthly basis? Is this one of those deadlines that always seems to be left to the last minute? 

Business Buddies can manage the process for you, from verifying new sub-contractors with HMRC, creating CIS statements for your sub contractors and logging the return via the HMRC website. 

We'll send you details as soon as we can after the 5th of each month so rest assured the submission will be accurate, on time and easy for you to pay.


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