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Remove your business administration headache

Running a business is hard work, and stressful.

But imagine a world where you come home from a hard day at work and all of your paperwork is done. How would you spend your free time?

By providing a flexible service that is designed around you and your business we can help make this a reality.

We'll do all the repetitive administrative chores you would rather do without.

Or filing paperwork (or finding it) …

Or writing out quotes …

Or chasing invoices …

Freeing up your time to spend on delivering more work to more people more often. This is where the money is.

Business Buddies takes away the administration headache for small businesses like yours, making it easy to run your business.

"From writing my tenders, finding the best prices for materials, and project management, to managing my website, posting social media content, and bookkeeping, these ladies do it all. Because of Business Buddies, the years I have been using them have been the least stressful, and most successful, of any since I established Digey."

Quotation management

Get quotes out in days not weeks

Getting quotes to customers in a timely manner can make the difference between winning or losing their business, so don't take the risk.

We'll take the essential details from you, build the quotation, and then commit to returning a draft back to you for approval within one working day. Once approved we'll immediately get the quote out in the post on your behalf.

We understand that some quotations can be complex - and that's not a problem because we're used to it, having written quotes for builders, IFAs, plumbers, electricians and many more.


Some of our customers find it easier to send us a voice recording that we then use to type up the quote - but a note on a piece of scrap paper is fine too – whatever works for you.

Diary management
Call forwarding
Materials sourcing
General admin

Invoice management

Improve your cashflow

Sending accurate and timely invoices to your customers helps you maintain regular cash flow, and this is a burden we can help you with as you focus on the next job at hand.

We'll even track the payments for you and follow up when neccessary. 

The process is simple: you can send your invoice details to us using voice memos, scanned notes or in an email. we will get these typed into your business template and returned to you within one working day for approval, before we then send on to your customers.

We use a numerical referencing system to give each invoice a unique ID which helps when tracking payments.


Any unpaid invoices that have passed your payment terms will be highlighted and can be chased on your behalf.

The result: better cash flow without the hassle.

Diary management

Never miss a job again

How many times have you double booked yourself in the last month? Do you have an effective way of managing your time? 

We understand that your day to day diary is a personal thing, but we can help! 

We have systems in place that allow us to share your diary, and we'll take the time to understand your preferred working patterns and then help you follow up on quotes to get work booked in.

As a result, you can concentrate on your current job knowing that jobs are continuing to be booked in for you.

More work, less hassle.

Call forwarding

Respond to every prospect

Do you get to the end of the day with countless voicemails to listen to and follow up on? 

When you're working during the day, it isn’t always convenient to take phone calls. We can give you access to a call forwarding system that you control whether it is for particular numbers or at a particular time of the day. 

Your customers will get to speak to a person rather than a machine; and we can deal with small queries on your behalf, such as booking in new jobs, or take messages for you that we prioritise for you to call back. 

At the end of each day we will send you a call log which shows you each call we received and what action was taken, so you can be confident you won’t miss a thing.

Materials sourcing

Make ordering materials simple

Do you spend hours phoning suppliers, waiting for them to call back so you can secure the best priced products for customers?


Let us do this for you.

We'll build up a list of your preferred suppliers with discounts you're entitled to, then we'll speak to each, and possibly others you haven’t thought of, to negotiate the best price.

We'll then provide you with a full report of products and prices giving you the simple choice of which supplier to use.

General admin

Save time

One of the reasons we can provide effective administration support is because we adapt our services to your needs.

For example, for several months we'd been helping a building firm manage their payroll - we're now visiting their sites to help support stock and order management.

So, if you need assistance beyond the scope of anything you have read so far, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you – we like a challenge so don’t hold back.

01256 630383

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