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Reduce the cost of your bookkeeping whilst easily keeping track of your business performance

Let’s face it, recording the day-to-day financial transactions of your business is a pain.

Keeping hold of receipts, sales, payments and purchase records is always left until tomorrow.


- or the next day …

Bookkeeping detracts from the time you can spend on projects and on drumming up new work. 

However, it is essential for recording the health of your business and its tax liability. 

But many small business owners make a costly error. 

They use their accountants for bookkeeping and that’s an expensive mistake because you will be charged accountant rates for bookkeeping duties. 

Accountants are also unlikely to spend much time working out your maximum tax breaks because they’re simply not as invested in your business as you are. No one is – except Business Buddies. 

We’d like to help you reduce the cost and time you spend on bookkeeping by taking care of it for you. 

And we’re so confident that you’ll look upon us as a vital member of your team that we're prepared to make you an offer that will ultimately cost us money.

Why do you need a bookkeeper? 

Bookkeeping performs two vital roles:

  1. It helps calculate your tax, so you never end up paying more than necessary. 

  2. It helps you track business health, so you can make accurate and measured decisions. 


Bookkeeping can even help you lower costs. 

Once you have a clear and firm grasp of how your business is operating it will be easier for you to control costs such as expenses and wages. 

We came across this quote which nicely sums up the value good bookkeeping can have on your business: 

“Making good judgments when one has complete data facts and knowledge is not leadership – it’s bookkeeping”


Why bookkeeping is important

What does a bookkeeper do? 

Bookkeepers organise, record and report the financial transactions that occur daily as part of the operational life of your business. 

Bookkeeping helps you keep track of monies coming into and out of your business. 

And by maintaining accurate financial records, you are prepared for year-end tax and VAT returns. 


And there’s two big financial benefits of this: 

  1. You avoid penalty fines.

  2. You can identify tax breaks. 


When do you need a bookkeeper? 

It varies – for some it’s the point when they want to spend more time finding and securing new work. 


For others it’s when they realise they have absolutely no visibility of the financial health of their business. 


The point when you need a bookkeeper is usually driven by one, some or all of the following: 

  • You find yourself taking care of the books at times when you shouldn’t be working … 

  • … and instead should be relaxing, … 

  • … or closing new business. 

  • You are unhappy with the amount your accountant is charging you. 

  • You don’t have time to keep on top of your business finances. 

  • You’re not convinced you are taking advantage of every tax break available to you. 

  • You’re not sure you are keeping accurate records. 

  • Doing the books is taking you away from working on your business 

  • You’re not keeping up to date with all the business transactions 


If you want to grow your business or reduce the amount of time you spend head down in paperwork, then the time to investment in a bookkeeper is now  

- and it will pay you back in time and money.

When you need a bookkeeper

Bookkeeping without the hassle, or cost

Have you ever bought a cheap pair of sunglasses and then upgraded to a polarised lenses version? Notice the difference in the quality of your vision. 


Try then moving from polarised to prism lenses and the world suddenly gains a clarity you couldn’t have imagined. 

Bookkeeping is a bit like that.  

Do it yourself, on the cheap, and you will do a job but will be missing out on lots of benefits. 

Get your accountant to do it and no doubt they’ll do a better job, but it’ll cost you. 

Now, let Business Buddies take care of it and your bookkeeping takes on a whole new world of clarity and vision with one additional benefit … 

… it won’t cost you the shirt on your back. 

Get in touch now, you really have nothing to lose. 

"Business Buddies have taken a huge weight off my shoulders and allowed me to focus on gaining more work, without them, my business wouldn’t be the size it is today."

Jay Wright, Owner, J.Wright Electrical

"Business Buddies do our bookkeeping and accounting, manage our VAT & CIS submissions, and now even manage customer invoicing and the chasing of payments on our behalf. We're now able to get projects finished sooner and so the business is doing better financially than ever."

Danny and Darren, Owners, D&D Property Solutions

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