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This is a frightening mistake you should try and avoid

Avoid this frightening mistake

We recenty recieved a panicked call from a small restaurant owner who was in a spot of bother.

She'd fallen nearly two years behind with her books and the HMRC fines were stacking up.

To be kind I'll simply say her paperwork was a bit of a mess. To be kind.

It was clear, very quickly, that a lot of work was needed to get her business back in shape to avoid more penalties.

As we've often found is the case, the business itself was going well - they were well-established and profitable.

The owner works obsessively hard - she knows her trade well, serves tasty food and has built up a long list of regulars.

But the administration part of the business was a headache she did all she could to avoid.

And so she did.

It's easy to sympathise - administering a business can be a time consuming pain in the backside.

It's the last thing you want to be doing in your evenings and weekends.

Perhaps this scenario sounds familiar.

If so I'll tell you what we've done to help our client get back in shape:

1. We now take care of her paperwork, stock ordering and timesheet management.

2. And given her the proactive bookkeeping she needed to remove the threat of costly fines.

The funny thing is, by having us help she's now paying a faction of what she was before because of the reduction in penalty fines!

So, if you want to keep your money in your pocket and not HMRCs and if you're worried about incurring a late submission fine then let us help you.

I promise if will cost less than you think.

Just drop us your details here:

Do it now. This very minute.

We may be able to answer many of the questions I bet you ask yourself when it comes to how to save time and money.

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