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Making Tax Digital in just 31 seconds

What is Making Tax Digital?

From April 2019 the first phase of Making Tax Digital comes into effect.

If you're not already thinking about it, you should be. And here's why.

Making Tax Digital requires you to submit all of your tax returns online.

So if you manage your books with an ol' fashioned pen and paper, ...

... or you think putting your numbers into a spreadsheet means being online, then Making Tax Digital will impact you.

But here's some very good news:

With a little help, Making Tax Digital might actually mean a reduction in your costs and an increase in your free time.

And over the coming weeks we'll help you understand how you can achieve both, as well as knowing a little more about what it is, ...

how it will affect you, ...

what you need to do, ...

what it'll cost if you do nothing ...

and how much it will cost you to get in shape.

But first, as a way of an introduction to the topic of Making Tax Digital, here it is described in just 31 seconds in this Quickbooks video.

Watch this space as we continue to publish more jargon free content around Making Tax Digital.

We'll cover just the facts focusing on what it means for you and what you need to do.

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