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How to save thousands every year

Keep your cash in your pocket

No pound you make comes easy.

It's hard earned through blood, sweat and sheer determination to succeed.

To simply give it away would be crazy - but this is what so many are doing today.

And when you're running your own business, every pound counts.

but there's an easy way to keep more of your hard eared money for yourself and i'll tell you how.

It's a surprisingly simple way to save your money, and yet missed by most.

You'll have an accountant - who will be run by clever bean counters - highly qualified individuals who can help keep your business on the straight and narrow.

Their job is to prepare and examine your financial records.

They make sure that everything is accurate and that your taxes are paid properly and on time.

They'll also perform overviews of your financial operation in order to help it run efficiently.

And as highly trained people their time comes at quite a cost, which leads to the problem.

Many business owners will nautrally gravitate to their accountants to manage their bookkeeping but this is the single most expensive way of doing it.

This is because your accountant will likely have expensive office and staff overheads to cover as well as their own time - and these things will result in a big bill for you.

Your best options are:

  1. Do you bookkeeping yourself; which can be time consuming and runs the risk of mistakes

  2. Employ a bookkeeper which will increase accuracy but comes with the burden of managing a staff

  3. Outsource your bookkeeping to a third party bookkeeper provider

The point many miss is that bookkeeping is a relatively simple function - it does not require highly qualifed accountants or the fees that come with them.

But it is time consuming, and making mistakes can end up costing you time and money.

With our help we can manage your bookkeeping at a fraction of the cost you currently pay

You'll also get a far more productive service than perhaps you enjoy today.

This is just one of the 51 ways Business Buddies can help you can save time and money

so if any of what you've read rings a bell, feel free to ring ours.

Just click here and either myself or Sarah will be in touch - why don't you make it the very next thing you do.



Lindsey Spurway

P.S: Using this simple approach we've been able to save one client 50% from their bookkeeping fees - money she has since used to grow her business.

P.P.S: to enjoy similar savings just provide your details here.

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