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How to increase new business enquiries by more than 60% with one simple trick

One simple trick

One of the most popular sites for generating new business is checkatrade.

It allows you to advertise your business in front of prospects who are actively searching for a trade.

There's others too such as 'ratedpeople' and 'find a trade'.

Used well, they can significantly boost enquiries for your services.

Checkatrade claim you can increase enquiries by as much as 60%.

Whether that's true or not, I'm going to let you into a little secret that could very well increase enquiries by more than 60%.

All you have to do is solve a common problem. And the good news is that this is very simple to do.

Talk about the value you can offer, not what it is you do,

or how long you've been going for,

or the areas you cover or the fact you're qualified.

Starting with '7 years experience' is not as eye catching as 'Leaving you with a smooth, neatest and mess free job'.

The people searching will likely assume you're experienced.

And they'll assume you cover the area they've typed into the search - stating these things will not make you stand out, so don't waste valuable space highlgihting them.

Instead, highlight the value you can offer. The things that make you stand out versus others.

Plasterer in Basingstoke

Here's a typical list of tradespeople profiles.

It's the very first thing, as a prospect, you will see.

It's your best opportunity to catch someone's attention - to stand out from others.

So, what you say in your opening profile paragraph will either increase, or decrease, the chances of getting an enquiry.

Here's some examples of questionable profile entries:

Hello my name is ***** **** and I am pleased to be able to introduce my business to you. I pride myself on owning and growing over the last five years, a family orientated business....

(It doesn't say what they do, how they can help you - it's all very internal looking)

****** Electrical, Established in 1997, NICEIC registered. We are base in Farnham Surrey & cover all the local areas. Your local electricians for all you electrical requirements. Domestic,...

(If you substitue the area, this could have been written by any electrician anywhere. What makes you stand out?)

*** Electrical Services are NICEIC approved contractors and provide electrical services to Basingstoke and surrounding areas.

(Again, your prospects will likely assume you're highly qualified so leave things like this to the more detailed profile that comes up should the prospect click)

I do all types of plastering, no job too big or too small.

(Well, that's good to know - but what can you do for me??)

You're now in an enviable position because having spent time searching, I can assure you that a few tweaks to your profile will result in a substational increase in enquiries. And new business.

If you have a profile that you woud like to improve, or if you're considering joining a trade site and would like some help creating your profile, let me know.

We'd be delighted to help you increase the amount of business you get.

Just click here and either myself or Sarah will be in touch - why don't you do it now while it's at the front of your mind.



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