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How to increase your invoicing up to 25%

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When you’re a small business or sole trader, the thought of spending money on business support can seem like an unnecessary expense you can live without.

But if you’re not lucky enough to have a supportive wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, dog, cat, budgie or goldfish, then the simple task of managing your paperwork (at the end of a long hard day) is most quite possibly your idea of hell. Well, I have some good news for you ...

- there is a way to reduce your admin and increase your earnings.

And you can achieve this by outsourcing your admin support to Business Buddies.

We’ve seen, and are seeing, many positive results as a result of our clients using our services.

From increased income, to reduced time spend on administration, here’s just three ways our clients are benefitting:

Diary management increased invoicing 25%

For a plumbing client, booking in new jobs and managing his diary was a huge pain, and drain, on his time.

It meant he lost jobs because he wasn’t able to respond to enquiries quickly, and more times than he’d like to admit, he double and triple booked himself.

By having us take his calls, book his appointments and manage his diary, he was able to work more often for more customers. He’s now in the enviable position where he can pick and choose the jobs he wants.

As a result, he has invoiced £30,000 more this year compared to last.

Increased case management adds £40k commission

We look after an IFA who deals with pensions, mortgages and insurances.

We help him manage client engagements and submit cases to his network (what I don't know about getting mortgages approved isn't worth knowing!!).

His challenge came from the fact there were far too many cases for him to handle and resolve quickly, meaning his commission potential was lower than it could be.

- he was losing money hand over fist.

Because of the nature of his work, he was managing cases beyond the day and deep into most evenings, which meant he needed support over and above typical 9-5 administration services. And that was fine with us.

Talking through cases and helping manage his clients most evenings has meant we’ve been able to help him add £40,000 of extra commissionable income in just 12 months.

Smooth invoicing improves cash flow

You won’t need us to tell you how important cash flow is to the survival of your business, and when you’re the one churning out quotes and invoices past the normal working day, it’s natural that many small businesses and sole traders fall behind.

One electrician client was suffering just such a problem.

He was so busy that he could never find the time to manage getting his quotes and invoices out in good time, and was suffering significant cash flow issues as a result.

Now, once he’s had the meeting or finished the job, and using his mobile phone, he dictates what needs to go onto the paperwork, emails that to us and we type it up and send it on; all in a matter of hours.

As you can see, managing the administration part of any business isn’t rocket science, but it is crucial to its success.

If you’re able to manage it well, or get support, you’re far more likely to increase your earnings.

So, if you'd like to a FREE no obligation quote to see how we can help your business succeed, send me an email or contact us here.

It'll cost you nothing to find out, and you might be surprised at what you discover.

So contact us now -

make it the very next thing you do.



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