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Do you ever stop to smell the roses?

Smelling the roses

Think back to when you opened for business …

What idea did you have that made you want to start?

What did you want to achieve?

Have you reached the goals you set for yourself?

I’d be surprised if you have.

Often, with small businesses, you simply move the goalposts (or someone moves them for you).

But all too often (and we’re guilty of this too) you can get bogged down in the day to day - you can lose sight of the why you started your own business in the first place.

Those able to keep the why front of mind will operate with greater purpose and drive and are therefore more likely to succeed.

But when most start-up businesses fail within 5 years, what lies behind our success?

We’ve been running for 9 years and, at times, I like to reflect on how we’ve been able to come so far - is it a formula we can build on and perhaps pass on.

Is it because we have an entirely unique service that no-one else can offer? No.

Is it because we’re able to call upon the brains and wisdom from the likes of the wily Alan Sugar? We wish.

Is it because we’ve got bucket loads of cash which allows us to operate without a care for tomorrow? Christ no.

Do you know what I think? I think there’s no single golden rule you can follow.

Often, it’s as much about luck and being in the right place at the right time as anything else.

Sure, having a great idea and some tangible skills will get you a long way, but it’s no coincidence that the harder you work the luckier you’ll get. And we work hard.

I believe it was Winston Churchill who once said: “Strategy is important, but it pays to give mind to action every once in a while.”

So why does one small business work while another fails …

I think it boils down to, mostly, just 2 things:

1. People buy from people. Naturally, we’re more inclined to buy from people we like. People we believe we can trust. Here, emotion outweighs reason and logic. And believe me when I say I’m being entirely modest, we think our success is largely due to the positive relationships we build with our customers simply by being ourselves.

2. We think about our why. We set up Business Buddies, at first, to help our friend save time. So he could spend that time with his family and grow his business. Now we’re doing the same for a broad range of small businesses. And whenever we meet someone new, in need of a little support, we go in there with the same mind-set: how can we help you save time to do whatever else it is you want to do?

We’re not blessed to have a unique product that fulfils a unique need – we just have ourselves, and, for 9 years, it’s helped us get along pretty well.

If you think you might be in the need for a little extra support, why don’t you give me or Sarah a call - we’d be delighted to have a chat and see how you could benefit.

Here’s to 9 more years.



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