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365 tips for running a small business

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

It's 2021. How the hell did that happen!?

It was, at best, an unceremonious start to the new year. And it began in tier 4 lockdown. obscurity. The London light show was good though wasn't it?

Well, a new year at least needs a new resolution - what's yours?

In keeping with tradition, Business Buddies have come up with our own new year resolution.

For the next 365 days we aim to provide you with a quick tip for making the running of your business a little easier.

Simple things that you can action quickly ...

Tips that will help you save time ...

Advice that will help you make more money ...

And thoughts that will take the hassle out of running your business.

And we'll aim to post one every day.

I must admit here I've never been one to get through an entire year without breaking a resolution. I hope to make this our year ...

Best, Sarah

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