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A week of positivity

A chink of light for us all.

Dear Reader,

A short post from me this week as I have news I just had to share with you.

And if I had a bell, I'd be ringing it.

Quite likely, for you, and so many others, the last few weeks has been hell.

The likes of which you or I, in our lifetime, has ever known.

But this week the tide has well and truly turned ...

We had 3 of our clients and all of their support staff go back to work, in full.

When so many businesses have had to close ...

Or been forced to swallow their pride and lean on government support ...

And when so many others have struggled to keep up with their bills and maintain some semblance of normality in their lives ...

This is a chink of light for us all in these dark dark days.

Something to grab and hold on to.

Keep it coming.


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