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Are you a creature of habit?

For the past week, we have been posting daily explainer blogs relating to the upcoming Reverse charge VAT change.

On Sunday we gave you a prelude into what was to come ...

Then on Monday we served up the first helping. Here Lindsey talked about what the Reverse charge VAT was, and what was likely to change ...

On Tuesday we covered why it's happening ...

And on Wednesday we covered how it will impact you ...

On Thursday we helped readers understand how to manage the change ...

Then finally, on Friday, we provided some advice that will help those affected overcome any issues it might cause.

Why did we do this way?

There's lot's of content on the internet about the Reverse charge VAT so it's difficult to get to the nub of the topic in amongst it all. And so we wanted to break things down into bite size chunks for you.

Pulling out all the most relevant points.

But as well intentioned as this was, writing many articles on the Reverse charge VAT is not easy, here's why.

Since the beginning of the year we have posted a small business tip each and every day.

The tips range far and wide in what they'll cover, but they'll largely be inspired by something we've done, seen, or heard.

This makes writing them easier.

But the Reverse charge VAT topic is insipid. So what do you know when it's tough to be creative? Well, you do this ...

You forget inspiration. Because habit is more dependable. And it will sustain you whether you're inspired or not.

So on the Sunday, while we were talking about the series, we created drafts for all of the topics we'd cover in the ensuing week.

Each had a title, and a little preamble about what would be covered.

This meant that in order to continue our once-a-day small business tip post, and to cover the Reverse charge VAT topic, we had a set of ready made drafts to build on.

This is a great way of maintaining something whether you are inspired or not.

We knew what each day was to be about and so writing the articles became a habit.

And this works for many things ...

For example, if you are sending out quotes or invoices, consider adjusting the template to state when you will follow up. This sets expectations all parties are aware of.

Or if you have an autoresponder for website enquiries, consider adjusting the text so contacts know when to expect a follow-up. This again sets expectations and gives you some breathing room.

And it's the same for us.

When we're not inspired enough to come up with a small business tip, we use our weekly blog chat to find out what each has done that week. Always some useful tip comes from a quick chat that we can use for topics.

Today's small business tip is: find something simple you can improve, that can be applied to all forms of work, and do it.

Email signatures, quote and invoice templates, autoresponders, phone voicemails ...

Best, Sarah


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