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Avoid the Rolex of bookkeeping

Would you like to save some money? Then follow this simple piece of advice ...

Today's small business tip is: Don't have your accountant doing your bookkeeping. Let me explain why.

Recently my watch packed up, so I went on a hunt for a new one, with no real idea of make, size, colour, etc ... in mind. I just knew it had to serve it's one true function.

Do you know what the main function of a watch is ...?

That's right, to tell the time.

A watch's aesthetic qualities are a secondary consideration. To me at least. I just need it to tell me the bloody time. And perhaps the date as well (In these lockdown days I lose track of what day it is!). I'm not looking for a Rolex.

I'm not looking for bling. I'm not after a name to dangle on my wrist. Whether it's a watch costing £100, or one costing £10,000 matters little, because they will still both serve the exact same function: telling you the time.

It's the same with bookkeeping.

Your accountant is a reasonably expensive, and necessary, resource. But bookkeeping doesn't need to be part of their role. It can be done simply enough by other cheaper resources. And you will end up with the exact same result. Records kept in good order.

So, if like me, you want to keep your money in your pocket and not see it come in one door and go out the other in the blink of an eye, look for a professional bookkeeping company to support you.

They don't have to be big. They don't have to be shiny. They don't have to be a big name. They just need to help you keep your business records in good order, so when it comes to submitting tax returns it's easy.

The good thing is there's lots of bookkeepers around. And they needn't cost you an arm or a leg. Drop me an email and I'll happily recommend some to you ...

Just don't use your accountant!

Best, Sarah

P.S. Did I mention that Business Buddies is a Quickbooks gold ProAdvisor?


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