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The easiest way to grow your business

My favourite business tips are the simplest to do, and quickest to put into action. And this one's no exception.

Today's small business tip is: Be accessible.

What does that mean?

Quite simply it means being on the end of the phone when someone rings you. Or responding to communications, such as emails, in good time. And this relates to your three most important groups:

Your potential customers: Future business.

Unless your business is doing exceptionally well, and you are busting at the seams for work, you cannot afford to miss calls from potential customers. Ever. Even if it's just to take the call to let them know you can't help them. This would be a good opportunity to recommend someone who can. You've no idea when a good deed like this can come back and reward you in the future.

Also, think about this ...

When looking for providers on services or products, do you only approach one company? No. You'll do your due diligence and contact two, three or even four others. Your prospects are doing this too. You are not the only company they've called - but will you be the first to reply?

Your current customers: Recurring revenue.

Perhaps your greatest source of ongoing work and revenue. Do a good job and they'll refer you on for years to come, and have you back time and again. But dodging their calls, or not getting back to them in good time can quickly sour a relationship. All it needs is for you to pick up the phone.

Your workers: Delivering the work.

The communication line between you and your team should always be open to build a healthy relationship. The only way you would know what your team is thinking and how they are progressing is by talking to them. You should, therefore, be accessible and available whenever they need to discuss important matters with you.

There you go. Three critical groups for your business. And three compelling reasons why you need to remain accessible.

Don't get me wrong, this is tough. At times you're run off your feet. Other times you just don't feel like it. But maintaining a good line of communication is what running a successful business is about.

So, where you can, when you can, answer the phone, and be accessible.

Best, Sarah

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