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Be ready for anything

I'm on LinkedIn quite often - it's networking site for professionals.

A phrase I hate.

It's just a networking site for people. But much of the content on there is business related, as opposed to Facebook which is often more personal in nature.

There's always interesting stories posted there about technology, people, business in general, new interesting things - and the more people you're connected to the more insight and interesting things you'll come across.

One story I came across was about how hundreds of furloughed airline cabin crew had joined the NHS to help it cope with the increased demand brought on by COVID patients.

Another told of how the airline crew was working to support the NHS who are working their backsides off. Serving refreshments and just generally looking after them.

And as the UK ramps up its vaccine programme, many airline crew members are being trained to administer doses. You can read the full story here.

I think this is a great example of adapting to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control.

Equally there's some weird shit on LinkedIn ...

One video had a fairly high-up guy speaking about how he relaxes during lock-down ...

While he was sat there he was holding his pet Chihuahua as he spoke.

The topic was utterly pointless because it was entirely about him and offered no value for the listener. And it was also made more ridiculous with an appearance of a tiny dog.

Which he continued to pet like that weird James Bond character Blowfeld, who I'm certain was trying to take over the world.

Anyway, I digress ...

My point, and today's small business tip, is: be ready for anything.

For example, anything that may prevent you from working for a period of time.

If that happened today, are you in a position to survive? What are your plans if that were to happen?

These are questions worth having answers to, because just like in 2020 (the year no-one saw coming), everyone had to quickly adapt.

The usual nature of work most were used to halted or changed. Everyone had to adapt to zoom meetings, home schooling, and social distancing etc ...

2021 continues to present uncertainty, which makes being ready to adapt to anything important - for business and for health.

Whether it’s in your service/product delivery or how you work with your customers, you have to be ready to adapt.

So, if you've not got answers for those question, it's time to get your thinking caps on.

Best, Sarah

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