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Blinding snow and the blinding obvious

Did you know that snow isn't white?

It's actually transparent. The light reflecting within and off it is what gives snow its white colour.

I read this recently and was reminded of it when I woke up this morning to find a glorious amount of settled snow everywhere.

I love the brightness and light. It never fails to put me in a good mood.

And then the 5 minutes of joy I get from seeing the kids out in it. Running around, throwing snowballs and making snowmen. Before complaining of how cold it is and stomping back into the house. Before warming up and going out again. And then back in. And out. In. Out ...

By the end I'm sure there's more snow indoors than out.

But I digress ...

If my snow fact is new to you, I'm pretty sure that over the past 24 days, the business tips myself and Lindsey have been providing won't have been revelations.

In fact, they're all based on the blindingly obvious.

The problem is, as you're busy running a business, the obvious can escape your attention. So today's small business tip is: Consider the obvious.

And as I'm in such a good mood, I thought I'd list out the past 22 tips for you here, in one place, with a link to each.

As I say, they're all pretty obvious, but each has its merit in helping you save time and make money. Two pretty important reasons to consider them, don't you agree?

Best, Sarah

Small business tip 1: Get your quotes out in good time

Small business tip 2: Follow up the day after sending your quote

Small business tip 3: Set the right first impression

Small business tip 4: Get closer to your clients

Small business tip 5: Be choosy with your work

Small business tip 6: Think of Friday

Small business tip 7: Never under charge

Small business tip 8: Pick up the phone

Small business tip 10: Learn from your mistakes

Small business tip 11: Imagine yourself with zero money

Small business tip 12: Consider the words you use

Small business tip 13: Be proactive in your ideas

Small business tip 14: Don't have your accountant doing your bookkeeping

Small business tip 15: Keep your records together, in one place

Small business tip 16: If asked for an opinion, don't be afraid to give it

Small business tip 17: If you're offered help, take it

Small business tip 18: Hire people better than you.

Small business tip 21: Check in with your customers post project

Small business tip 22: Ask your customer if they would recommend you

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