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Business administration tip 4: Use templates

As with many of the most laborious things to do with running your business, a quick change here, a slight adjustment there, and you will find yourself saving bags of time.

And this administration tip is no different, as you'll come to read.

Now, as part of running your business, you're creating what seems an endless ream of documents, right?

Different documents for different needs, people, and projects.

Because each is serving a different purpose you might decide each requires a slightly different approach. And so you start each from scratch.

The problem with this is that not only do you end up with so many documents you don't know what do with yourself, but the amount of time spent administering each doesn't bear thinking about.

The trick here is to create standardised templates.

Think of it as a template per situation.

One for quotes ... another for invoices ... emails ... order forms ... and so on.

Each template needing little amending per situation they're required for.

Then keep the templates saved away in one place so they're quick to call upon, and easy to tweak.

Best, Sarah

P.S. Don't forget to go refer back to the other business administration tips in this series.


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