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Business is simple when you do this ...

>> Listen <<

Are you agood listener?

We had a plumber come round a few months ago. Lovely chap.

Came over, fixed the problem with no fuss, clearly knew exactly what he was doing, and didn't charge us the earth.

There was just one problem ...

The only time he stopped talking was when he was doing something.

And he spent more time talking than doing.

By the time he left, I knew his wifes name and what she did for a job ...

I knew the names of his kids and what probems they had at school, in detail ...

I knew what his hobbies were, what car he drove, where he went on holiday, his business aspirations, everything.


The detail he gave on every topic was astonishing. You'd have thought we were family members.

It got so bad I was scared to say anything in case it sparked off a new conversation.

Don't get me wrong, he was a nice guy. He just went on, and on and on ...

And on ...

There was actually a couple of bigger jobs we were thinking of giving him, should this first experience prove positive - but given I was so mentally drained by the time I'd shuffled him out the front door, there was no way I was going to start another conversation about work.

Today's small business tip is: listen to your customers.

Your customers are you greatest soure of current and future revenue, so keeping them on side makes sense right?

And the easiest way to achieve this is so simple I feel slightly obscure mentioning it here.

But sometimes it's the obvious we miss. Take the time to listen to your customers.

Listen to their gripes ... listen to their groans ... listen even when you don't agree with what they are saying ... listen to their opinions ... and when asked of yours, give it.

Where reasonable respond in the right/best way the situation demands.

But don't stand there giving your life story.

Listen more and without doing a great deal you can win their favour.

Best, Lindsey


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