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Choose your battles, increase your profit

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

More work doesn't always mean more profit.

There's often that one client who is a drain on your time, patience and profit. An old colleague I worked with had a name for these customers ...

PITA. Pain In The Arse clients.

We've all had them. There's even a good chance you have one or two now. Am I right?

The funny thing is, you often get a sense for this type of customer early on. Even from the first meeting.

Perhaps it's in the way they talk to you. Or how long they keep you even after you've gone through every detail with a fine-tooth comb. Maybe it's the way they unpick every specific line of the quote and get you to explain why it's necessary. These little things can leave you with a nagging sensation ...

But the lure of a new project and fresh cash flow is often enough to dismiss the gnawing at the back of your mind. And now you're committed.

Hopefully the customer turns out to be a dream. But sometimes, they're not. Eventually the job may end up costing you money.

Today's tip is a simple one in suggestion, I realise, but is often a difficult one to put into practice because no-one likes to turn down money, but: Sometimes it pays to follow your hunch and turn projects down.

Choose your projects, pick your clients and you're profit margins will thank you as a result. Plus, you'll save yourself a world of hassle and stress.

Best, Sarah

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