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Could you work 100 hours a week?? This man does ...

I watched an interview with Elon Musk recently where he gives 2 valuable pieces of advice for entrepreneurs.

Advice that I actually think is relevant to anyone in any line of work.

He talks, in particular, about how he would put in 80 to 100 hours of work a week, every week, in order to succeed.

So, here's the first piece of advice: Work like hell

"Put in 80 to 100 hour weeks, every week"

Put that into perspective - in a 100 hour week, that's over 14 hours a day, Monday to Sunday.

The crazy logic: it simply improves the odds of success because if the other guy is putting in 40 hour work weeks, and you're putting in 100, who's more likely to succeed?

The second piece of advice: Work on something that offers high value to someone else

As Elon puts it, the natural human tendency is wishful thinking - the desire to pursue some unrelalistic dream. Instead, be conscious that what you're doing adds value.

And if it does, talk about that value when you're describing your product or service, particularly when attracting new customers.

If you want to watch the 2 minute interview, click here:

Another thing I've heard him mention before that is also very relevant in any line of business is: Enjoy what you do.

And if you don't, do something else, because you'll never put your heart and soul into it (the things neccessary to succeed), and you certainly won't want to put in 100 hour work weeks.

Also, life is simply too short.

But if you do love what you do, but don't fancy the idea of working 14 hour days, then send me an email - Business Buddies would be delighted to help support you with whatever administrative needs you have.


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