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Does your Christmas hangover last as long as this?

Once Christmas is over, I am done.

Come the 27th I'm already itching to pull everything down and pack it away. I want my space back. I want order! But most of all, I want to start taking things back.

The items that didn't fit ...

Weren't the right colour ...

Things that didn't work ...

Of which I got given two of ...

Things I will never use ...

And that I just didn't ask for!

Is this just me, or are you or your partner like it too?

But with other activities of 'life', and particularly with COVID, taking things out just seems like something that can wait until 'next week'.

When finally 'next week' comes and I decide to drag myself to the shops, I realise I've got to find the receipts. A simple enough task, right?


Bags seemed to have copulated and multiplied while I wasn't looking. Also, they're bloody everywhere! And contained in those bags are receipts to all the items I needed to take back. It was chaos.

Today's small business tip is simple, and will help you maintain some semblance of order to managing your bookkeeping and running your business: Keep your records together, in one place.

I realise how ridiculously simple this sounds. But how often do you buy something for the business, put the receipt in your pocket, and then forget about it?

Or you go back to the car and leave it there.

Or, like me, you pop it in the bag only to use that same bag for another task and lose all trace of the receipt. Happens all the time, right?

So, make a conscious effort to take any work related correspondance back to a single place of safe haven. Whether that's a draw at home, the glove box of your car or in the bread bin, wherever it is, make sure every relevant scrap of paper finds its way there.

It's a simple bookkeeping trick, but it will save you a world of bother later on.

Best, Lindsey


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