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Try this delicious piece of advice

>> Give something for nothing (or very little) <<

I love a Friday. It's our traditional take-out night.

Chinese, Indian, Kebab, whatever takes our fancy, as long as it's combined with a nice gin.

Last week we got a Wagamama. My husband picked it up and brought it back and we settled down to eat. We opened the bag and found a surprise.

Two lovely bottles of freshly made fruit smoothies. We were chuffed to bits.

It probably cost them less than a quid each, but the sentiment was appreciated. I think largely because it was unexpected.

Today's small business tip is: give your customers a surprise.

For example, an Amazon voucher with each project. Something you know will be appreciated.

Or something even more inexpensive such as a bottle of wine, just as a thank you for the business.

If they love what you do already, they’re only going to love you more for this.

It’s good for you because:

  • It almost guarantees they will come to you again with work.

  • They're highly likely to recommend you to others.

Sometimes it's the simple things that people remember you most for.

And on that note, it's time to plan tonight's treat.

Best, Lindsey

P.S. So you see, we cover all sorts of subjects, but one thing I believe to be true: nobody offers good advice for as little as you can get it from Business Buddies.

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