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He increased turnover 22% in the first year!

This remarkable feat, achevieved by our first customer, was made possible by changing just one thing about the way they worked.

It's something so simple you'll be kicking yourself for not having done it already (because I've no doubt you've thought of it before).

it also includes the added benefit of dtiching one of your biggest headaches.

But first, ponder this ...

When you set up your own business, I bet you were dreaming of the freedom you'd gain ... the money you'd make ... the flexibiliy and endless possibilities open to you ...

The last thing on your mind was how much time you’d have to spend on paperwork and administration.

Am I right?

Here's an unsuprising bit of research from Simply Business:

40% of tradesmen hate paperwork.

I'm just surprised this isn't higher because it's the most common complaint we hear.

And the reason why most of our clients come to us for help.

I’m writing to you because I believe that, with our help, we can also help you reduce the time spent on administration.

Time you can then spend on going the extra mile for customers (which gurantees referrals).

Time you can spend on finding new work and quoting projects (which will increase your income).

Time you can spend with your family, putting your feet up and going out for the odd pint.

In less than a day we can begin typing up customer quotes, writing invoices, doing your bookkeeping, managing your diary and processes, marketing your business and more.

I’m so confident that you would begin to look upon us as a vital member of your team that I’m prepared to make you an offer that will ultimately cost us money.

My company, Business Buddies, will fulfil any of your administrative needs and for the first 2 months of our relationship, we will charge you just half our usual rate.

And if after 2 months you're either not saving time or making more money, then you can simply walk away – there’s no contract and it won’t have cost you the shirt on your back.

What would you do with your new found free time?

Find work? Put your feet up? Spend more time with your family? … things I’m certain you would indulge in more now, if only you had the time.

While you consider my proposal, let me tell you the story of how Business Buddies began.

5 years ago, I was having dinner with an electrician friend of mine. He spent most of the evening complaining about how little time he had because he was working all hours – for the right reasons …

… to support his family, to gain independence and control of his working life and to prove to others he could make a success of himself.

Some years before, he’d set up on his own. He’d done well to build up a healthy list of customers; referrals were frequent and he could pick and choose his jobs. But his success had come at a price.

He now had piles of paperwork and admin tasks – something he hadn’t the time, energy or desire to tackle.

After a hard-day at work he would go home, grab dinner, and then leave to scope out new jobs. And when it came to writing up those quotes, they were often done many weeks later.

He estimated that over the previous five years he had lost more than £50,000 of work by not getting quotes out in good time, or at all. And this wasn’t even his biggest problem.

His greatest issue was cash-flow. He wasn’t short of work, but because he wasn’t getting invoices out in good time, he would often go months without being able to pay himself.

Then there was tax - often left until the night before each due date.

He needed help – and so Business Buddies was born. Within days we turned his business, and his life, around.

We did his bookkeeping. Managed his paperwork. Took over ordering of materials from suppliers. Kept an eye on his diary. Typed up his quotes and invoices. Chased up payments.

With our help, my friend has increased his turnover by 22%.

His cashflow is also in a much healthier place.

And he has far more free time than he had before.

But don't just take my word for it - here's what he said:

"Business Buddies have taken a huge weight off my shoulders and allowed me to focus on gaining more work" – Jay Wright, Owner, J. Wright Electrical

Each of our clients faced a similar challenge - juggling the task of building and running a successful business with the tedious, yet neccessary, job of keeping on top of admin.

By bringing in someone like Business Buddies to help support you, there are some other real benefits for you:

  • Paperwork - Give us that bag of receipts and unopened letters and we’ll record and file each one. You’ll declutter your desk and kitchen side and remain right up to date.

  • Marketing - Do you want a simple website to point prospects to? Or perhaps business cards or a flyer designed and printed. With over 17 years combined experience in marketing, we can help you grow your presence and drum up new business.

  • Quotes and invoices - Cash is king, and we can help you get your invoices out in hours rather than weeks. You can provide us with a voice recording or written statement of the details and we’ll have it typed and sent within one working day.

  • Tax and Payroll - Leaving your tax, CIS and VAT returns to the last minute can be a costly mistake – but one we can relieve you from. We have a 100% success record of getting returns and payroll submitted on time.

  • Bookkeeping - If you think that bookkeeping is something expensive accountants do, you’re not alone. But we’ll take care of it in exactly the same way, and it won’t cost you a fraction as much. You will also get complete visibility of your accounts so you can see how your business is performing through QuickBooks, our online accounting software.

If what I have talked about struck a chord with you, please email or phone me (anytime) and I’d be delighted to find out what particular challenges you have and how we might be able to help you.

Why don’t you make this the next thing you do, while it’s at the front of your mind.


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