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How horse manure can help your business succeed

I've just got back in from a 5.38 mile walk around my local area - from Chineham through to Sherfield on Loddon to be precise.

Part of the walk winds through some lovely picturesque country side.

There's lots of horses and the kids love to beckon them over so they can feed them grass - or throw it at them in Rosie's case.

I love the walks, and I love the cake and tea pit stop half-way round. But there's one thing I appreciate the time for as much as anything else ...

It's for the time and space you're afforded just to think.

Perhaps wandering around fields, caked in mud, and surrounded by the smell of horse crap isn't to everyone's liking ... my kids certainly hate the smell ...

But I think the time, air and blood pumping around from the exertion of the walk naturally gets the brain ticking over.

And I find it to be one of the most beneficial times to think about things generally.

To make decisions ...

To come up with new ideas ...

To define plans that I might otherwise have been procrastinating over.

The great thing is, all of this comes naturally, without any effort.

At times I've so many thoughts going through my head I have to take notes on my phone.

Not only does it help me make important decisions and plans, I get good exercise and the opportunity to spend lots of time with my family.

It's a win, win ... win.

Today's small business tip is, as an owner: take some time to yourself just to think.

Perhaps take a walk somewhere scenic. Or if walking's not your thing, go out for a drive and find somewhere to sit in fresh air.

I used to take my sadly now passed dog Charlie for regular walks for this very reason. If you are lucky enough to have a dog, perhaps find more reasons to take them out for a walk.

You just might find some of your best ideas come to you with very little effort.

Best, Sarah

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