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How to beat the Monday blues

If you're anything like me, shaking off the weekend cobwebs on a Monday morning takes a little time.

If you've enjoyed your weekend appropriately then you will have switched off your mind to work, and so Monday morning is about firing up those brain cylinders again. And just as with a cold car, you might need to run the engine for a little while before accelerating away.

One thing I like to do in the morning as it never fails to get me ready is do a short gym session.

Nothing too strenuous. Just something, like a Joe Wicks class, to get the heart pumping. This, and a nice cup of tea, help to kick-start my day.

But if the thought of exercise first thing is not for you, here's a few other top tips to get you going on a cold Monday morning:

  • Get up a little earlier. This gives you time to relax, adjust and get ready at a more leisurely pace.

  • Get up later. The extra time in bed might give you the sleep and recovery you need to start the week with a spring in your step.

  • Eat breakfast. I've heard of others who skip breakfast so they can get going right away. Don't! Breakfast will give you the energy kick-start you did to engage the brain and power through your tasks.

  • Plan lunch. What I mean by this is line up a treat for your Monday lunch. Something special. Something you can look forward to.

  • Plan your day. Although I've said the weekend is for switching off, if you can, the night before, write up a quick check list of the things you need to do at work on the Monday. This will give you a more restful sleep, as you'll know exactly what you've to do the next day without too much thought.

  • Avoid meetings. Make Monday a 'doing' day. Avoid meetings and time-consuming chores if you can, and focus on delivery.

I was going to add: drink a pint of water. Apparently this is good for getting you physically in good shape to start the day. But, for me, a hot cuppa is still best. Today's small business tip is: Start the day right. Just something small to kick-start the day in the right way.

Because if you start the day right, the rest of the day will be so much more productive.

Best, Lindsey

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