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How to keep your customers happy

>> Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference <<

A couple of weeks back, my husband started a new job. It quickly became clear that starting a new job during lock-down isn't ideal.

You can never really get the measure for what people are like from behind a screen.

It's hard to feel integrated; part of the team, because you're so disconnected.

But there are little things that can go a some way to helping.

There was also one thing his new company did that I personally got a lot of value out of ...

They sent him a HUGE bar of Cadbury's milk chocolate.

Why this was so personally rewarding is because my husband doesn't really eat chocolate! So although he appreciated the gesture, I'm the one that gets to benefit.

This didn't cost his new company much money, but it left a positive mark.

Earlier this week we did something similar.

To show our appreciation, we sent each of our clients a basket of goodies and a hand-written thank you note.

Each client means a great deal to us, we are after all just a small business ourselves, and so our little gift goes a small way to demonstrating this.

It didn't cost much, but it goes a long way to show how important each is to us.

If you would like some ideas about the little extra thing you can do for your clients, drop me an email.

We've already got some great ideas lined up that we'd love to share with you.

Best, Sarah

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