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I could have gone to jail

Ok, slight exaggeration. But I would certainly have been in trouble.

A few years ago I made a bit of a cock-up ...

One weekend, I found my husband digging about in the house paperwork.

I asked him what he was looking for. He was after his cars MOT certificate.

He wanted to check when it was required as he'd got it in his head it was due.

Eventually he found it - turns out it wasn't due for another three months, bonus!

But then we both wondered when my car's MOT was due ...

Queue that sinking feeling.

We dug about in the paperwork some more without success. I went out to check in the car and there the certificate was, stuffed in the doorstop pack that came with the car.

I took the certificate back inside and we had a look ...

Turns out I'd been driving without an MOT for the best part of six weeks!

Not good.

If I'd been pulled over and checked, or if I'd been in an accident, I would have been in serious bother.

I booked an MOT straight away and did the sensible thing of adding an anniversary date on my phone. This way I'd always know when the MOT was coming up.

Which takes me to today's small business advice. And that is to record all important deadlines.

Either on your phone, or the device you most often use. Whatever gives you the most visibility and advanced warning of deadlines coming up.

This will help you keep track of when things are due - perhaps even add a note on how you go about organising them.

Fixed dates such as Tax Returns, End of Year Accounts, Servicing and MOT’s on any company cars etc ... - knowing when they are due, and scheduling time to get them sorted, removes deadline day stress, and quite likely will save you a few quid in fines.

If you need any help getting your deadlines in order, let me know. Business Buddies can help you keep on top of important dates leaving you to focus on your work.

Best, Sarah

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