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Is the devil on your shoulder?

I went out for a run tonight.

I hate running.

More than I hate running, I hate running in the cold. It was minus one.

Minus one!!! What lunacy is this!?

It's all part of my 'lock-down trying to maintain some semblance of a fitness' routine.

I do find once you get into the habit of it, exercise becomes easier. When you string a run of activities together one day after another after another, it becomes easier to kick your own backside into action. The motivation of not wanting to miss a day increases.

But this doesn't mean I like running. Far from it.

Particularly during the first half mile when I'm trying to find my second wind. I'm constantly telling myself all the reasons why I should stop - like a devil perched on my shoulder nattering away.

And then there's the angel on the other side giving me all the positive reasons why I should carry on. Four miles isn't much ... you're already one mile in ... the next mile is down hill ... then you'll be half way ... no point in stopping now ...

To be honest, this conversation goes on the whole route around. It's enough to drive you nuts. But I realise there's a valuable lesson in what I'm sub-consciously doing.

Because I'm not enjoying what I'm doing, but know it's good for me - my mind begins to break down the journey into little wins.

Each mile I pass ...

Each landmark signifying I'm a step closer ...

Each hill I climb ...

Every time I move past one of these mental sign posts it's a win. I'm closer to home and to finishing.

If you're faced with a task, or set of tasks, you'd rather not be doing; that you've left longer than you should; that you know will need seeing to sooner rather than later, today's small business tip is: break tasks down into smaller bite size chunks.

Easy to manage chunks that demonstrate progress has been made once you get past each one. A small win. And a step closer to completion.

Don't try and tackle the whole task at once, particularly if it's something you've been avoiding. It won't be fun, you'll likely not complete it, and you'll feel worse off than before.

But if you have admin tasks you've been putting off, and don't have the time to sort them, drop me an email; Business Buddies would be pleased to help you.

Best, Sarah

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