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Is there anything I can help with?

Lazy employees, or workers, we've all had them.

I've just listened to a story from a famous writer, who spoke about what he was like in his younger employed years.

He was sat at his desk doing nothing.

He'd finished his work as he was quick.

His boss came over and asked him what he was doing.

"Nothing" came the reply.

His boss responded: "Why are you sat there doing nothing?"

"Well, it's your job to give me something to do and my job to do it. And I've done the work you gave me, and you've not given me anything more, so I'm currently doing nothing."

You can imagine how this ended.

The writer said himself he was a little shit.

But as he recounted this story he reflects on it as a mistake of youth, and there's a lesson for you.

One you can encourage your own staff and workers to take on board.

Perhaps it becomes your rule one of working for you.

The people you employ that will be of most value to you are those that, when they've nothing to do, ask: "Is there anything I can help with?"

Today's small business tip is: encourage staff to be proactive.

No-one wants robots working for them. They want proactive, driven, and supportive people, with their own thoughts and ideas.

So, drumming: "Is there anything I can help with?" into them, is one way to have your staff provide more value.

Better for you, better for them.

Best, Sarah

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