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"Just bloody listen!"

Today marks the day Sarah and I have been waiting on for a long while.

A day that marks the release of weeks of pent up pressure. And, at times, rage.

Yes, the kids have finally gone back to school.

Actually, I'm not sure who's happier, them or us?

Either they were very excited because they get to see their friends again, or they've had enough of us.

I wouldn't blame them.

We're certainly not teachers. And given the last few months, I have a new found respect for them.

The wells of patience they must draw upon to hold back from shouting: "I'm not going through it again!" or, my personal favorite "Just bloody listen!"

Dropping the kids off at school really did signal a release of pressure.

I could now travel into the office and think about nothing except the task at hand, knowing the kids were well taken care of by people who had their best interests in mind.

Today has been productive bliss.

In effect, teachers have become an extension of my team.

Through their own skill, they've afforded me the time to focus on my priorities.

Today's small business tip is: treasure your key workers.

If you need a reminder of the good job they're doing, here's a thought experiment for you:

- imagine work life without them.

How would things be different?

How much harder would running your business be?

If you have team members doing a great job, taking some of the pressure of work off you, remember to appreciate them every once in a while.

Best, Lindsey

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