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Just commit

My husband wrote a post in the professional networking platform LinkedIn today. A post with advice I think entirely relevant for small businesses, and so I want to share it with you here.

So today's small business advice is: Just commit.


Best, Sarah


Have you watched the Bear Grylls series, Born Survivor?

Where Bear rappels from a helicopter into far flung - and very hostile - places to demonstrate how you could survive for days on nothing but bugs, carrion and, at times, your own urine.

I love it.

Not that I've tried drinking my own urine mind you.

I don't watch much TV, but when I do, and if I can find an episode, I'm hooked.

And as odd as some people may find him, and the programme, you have to admit, he's got a big pair of balls.

Some of the obstacles he overcomes takes your breath away. In one episode he fashioned a rope out of jungle creepers, then abseiled over a two hundred foot drop into a river of fast flowing water just to save a day hiking around a gorge ... (hey, it beats Corrie!)

It does leave you wondering how on earth he does it. How he plucks up the nerve. And he has a simple mantra that I irritate my kids with daily.

It's actually something I use when making the leap into most difficult decisions at work and in life, and it's this.

Just commit.

Saying that loudly in your mind seems to block out all other thoughts that might compel you to procrastinate further.

Just commit to the action, whatever that might be.

You'll obviously have put in a good deal of thought in advance, so it's just about taking that final leap. Which is often the hardest part.

An email about a pay rise. The words are written, but your finger is poised over the mouse ...

Just commit.

Sending a proposal to a prospect. You've been over it thirty times since yesterday ...

Just commit.

A call to your boss (or bosses boss) to discuss why you're requesting the budget you are for a project. You've put the call off since yesterday ...

Just commit.

A strategy document you're sending to the entire business. You know some people are going to hate you for it. Some will judge you. But in your heart you believe it's right. If only you can convince your internal self that you cannot please everyone all of the time ...

Just commit.

And recently I did just this. After a fair amount of deliberation mind you. In the end though, I committed to my decision. I trust in myself it's the right one.

If not, I'll have Bear Grylls to blame.

Cheers, Michael

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