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Keep it simple

Sometimes you can know too much.

I know how this sounds, odd. But seriously, you can have too much knowledge.

Often it can cause you to overcomplicate a situation. It can overwhelm you and slow decision making.

It becomes difficult to find logical points of reason from which to move forward.

The result is you end up making the same mistakes as someone more junior than yourself.

Often, less is more. This can provide faster, more accurate and definitive responses. Here's what I mean.

Last night, around 21:15, I was downstairs at the dining table working.

My eleven year-old, Emelia, came up to me and asked me why my seven year-old, Rosie, was on a phone playing a game called Roblox.

I replied that can't be the case as she's been in bed for the last hour.

So my husband went up to check on her ...

Shortly after I heard them come down the stairs.

In came my husband and Emelia, followed by a sheepish and teary Rosie.

Turns out she'd snuck a phone under her pillow before going to bed, and once we'd left her, she begun playing her gam


I didn't know what to say. I wanted to be angry. This despite knowing it was the sort of thing i would have done when that age. So I simply asked why, when knowing it to be wrong, did she do it?

Her (hitched) response: "When I go to bed I get bored."

We knew giving her a phone (without a SIM) would likely end up a mistake. And we knew - given her past indiscretions - it would likely cause trouble somewhere down the line. And we knew we'd end up dealing with more pain than the value keeping her entertained would award ...

But we did it anyway.

Needless to say that's a two week (infernal)

device ban (which is longer for who we're still not sure).

Sometimes it's best to keep things simple. Like running your business.

And if you want any help doing just that, drop me a line.

Best, Sarah

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