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Lessons in communication from Stephen Fry

I've something a little different for you in today's blog.

It is something I came across from a short video Stephen Fry made recently.

Within, he reflects on the impact of COVID on the declining literacy for children.

The result being children growing up and finding it harder to communicate their ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

To remedy this, Fry suggests something very simple that any parent can do.

Something that will double the chances of kids becoming better at reading and, best of all, won't cost you a penny.

Turn on the sub-titles.

That's right.

Something very simple and unlikely to be noticed by your kids.

But while absorbed in their programme, they will naturally, and sub-consciously, scan the sub-titles, taking in the words and picking up their meaning from whatever they're watching.

This is a wonderful tip you can apply for your own children today to help improve literacy.

But there's another lesson in there that relates to adults, which I will come on to.

But first, would you consider yourself a good writer?

Not many do.

Which, given that 90% of your communications with customers and prospects is via written forms, being able to articulate yourself well is important. Wouldn't you agree?

You don't have to be able to write like Stephen King, or even Stephen Fry for that matter, to be able to respond over email. Or to write a letter of reference. Or to pen copy for your website.

But the more literate you are the better your communications will be.

And the only purpose of communication is to get an action.

So, the better you write, the greater the chances of your proposals being accepted. Or your prospecting email being responded to. Or your quotation getting the thumbs up.

And as I always tell my kids, good writing starts with good reading.

So, today's small business tip is: turn on the sub-titles for you as well.

You might find communications improve as a result, and more of them get the response you desire.

Best, Sarah

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