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Need a good idea? Find the nearest toilet

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

As the week draws to an end and I post this, our 10th blog of the year on business tips, the process we've gone through in putting them together leads to some useful advice for you.

If you're like me, you'll be forever coming up with good ideas. These often come to you in the most obscure of places.

When out on a walk. Or sat on the toilet. Having a shower. Or when in the shops. These ideas are being formed in your sub-conscious when you're not even thinking about them.

It means deep down, without you even knowing, you've been mulling them over. And when the time's right they pop to the surface.

Some of these ideas can be qickly dismissed, but some are worth considering. Don't forget these. Write them down. Or add them to the notes in your phone.

If you come up with an idea you can't argue away, pursue it. Often that's just how a good business begins. From the tiny seed of an idea born of the sub-conscious. Or toilet.

The one you run today may be such a case. Business Buddies certainly is.

If you've come up with an idea, stick at it. Today's top business tip is: persevere.

We hope you've found these business tips useful. We'll be serving up 355 more to help you make the running of your business a little easier.

And of course, if you would like to chat about how we can help your business save time and money, and help you reduce stress, drop me or Lindsey a note.

Best, Sarah and Lindsey

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