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Persistence pays off

>> It often pays to not take no for an answer <<

We met with a prospective client last week, it was a good meeting.

They were looking for bookkeeping and a couple of other services that would have meant leaving a current provider.

The meeting went really well.

And they came back to us later that evening to say they were happy for us to pick up the bookkeeping, but that they were not so sure about the other services.

Leaving a current provider of any service is always difficult because no matter how smooth the change over process, there's always a small amount of disruption. And when you're busy, disruption is something you'd rather avoid.

This said, it's often the case that the level of disruption is never as big as might be imagined. So in cases like this, you've got to be clear about what's involved.

This is what we did ...

When we got the email saying we might not get the second batch of work, we responded with a breakdown of exactly what the process of handover looked like.

We broke down and detailed each step, making it plain and clear. After this there were no unknowns.

With this clarity, the prospective client came back to us the very next day agreeing to pass all work over to us.

All it took was clarity. And a little persistence.

So the next time you get a 'no', have a think about what the objections might be and then work out how you can overcome them.

Once you're clear on what you need to do, communicate these to your prospect.

You'll likely find a good percentage of the no's turn to yeses.

Best, Sarah

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