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REVEALED: the easiest way to win new business

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

>> And it requires very little effort on your behalf <<

Studies have shown that if you don't get in contact with your prospects within 5 minutes of them attempting to contact you—you run the risk of losing them.

A little while back we had an issue with two of the radiators in the house. For love nor money we couldn't get them working. So I sent messages to two local plumbers who had good reviews in check-a-trade. I waited 3 days for a response ...


So I submitted a third enquiry, and this time followed up with a phone call and left a message.

Two days later, nothing.

On my fourth attempt I finally got a response. The guy picked up the call, gave me an idea of when he could visit, came over at the agreed day and time, sorted the problem, and off he went. I was very happy and shall be using him again. In fact, I've booked him in to do a boiler service.

But what this means is that three companies have lost out on an immediate project. Future work. And I will certainly not be recommending them to anyone.

So, today's small business tip is: Pick up the phone.

Or if the enquiry is over email, at least have the courtesy to respond even if you don't want the job as you may still be considered for future work.

Best, Lindsey

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