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Sleep x time = efficiency (squared)

Don't worry, this isn't my attempt at blowing your mind with my math's knowledge

- the recent homeschooling highlighted my level.

It's actually a short post to state an obvious fact.

One which I've been reminded of recently.

And one that will no doubt be useful for you to have in mind.

For a run of three nights straight, I've worked beyond midnight.

There's lots of work to do, and often when I get on a roll, it's hard to switch off.

By the time I do finish I actually feel pretty good, but then the morning comes ...

Day one: I start the day like a bear. Growling at the kids, shuffling about the house, and having a general 'dangerous' demeanor.

Day two: I start the day like someone has eaten my porridge, sat in my chair, and slept in my bed.

Day three: I start the day like I've woken from hibernation. Eying anything moving and that comes into arms reach, as food. Suffice to say, it's not safe to pet the bear.

Within a couple of cups of tea I'm back to myself. But the kids know to watch out first thing in the morning.

As a small business owner, working late comes with the territory, right?

But today's advice is don't let working late become a habit.

The days start badly, and take longer to right themselves - and in between you can find yourself making decisions that reduce your efficiency.

Things will take longer and leave you with more work piling up. And a vicious cycle ensues.

So, get your sleep.

Best, Sarah

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