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Tears and tantrums at 10 O'Clock (I need your help ...)

Updated: May 4, 2020

I've just glanced at the time ... it's only 10 O'Clock in the morning, and yet it feels much much later. Why?

One thing the lockdown has taught me is that I do not possess the patience of a teacher - and yet, as I play role of the educator, I find my children constantly stretching my patience to breaking point. Here's an example:

Me: "Right, so yesterday we worked out how we find percentages of a number.

"We also talked about how fractions are can also be converted to percentages. So, can you remember what one quarter is as a percentage?"

Daughter: "That's easy, it's 4."

Me (quickly looking impatient): "4? Are you sure? Please explain ..."

Daughter: "Well, because one quarter is 1 over 4, so as a percentage it's 4."

Me: "No, that's not quite right. Ok, let's step back ... Can you tell me what, as a percentage, one half is?"

Daughter: "Yes, that's easy, it's 2!"

Me (pitch of voice increasing): "How on earth can one half as a percentage be smaller than one quarter!? That's like saying a quarter is bigger than a half, which, as I hope you know, can't be true. Oh come on, we were doing this just yesterday!"

This carried on ad nauseam until tears.

I know it's my fault.

It always is.

And it always makes me feel bad ... but, god almighty, 4!?

As much as I love my children, I'm often overcome by the desire to throw something hard and heavy at them in equal measure.

I'm sure (hoping) I'm not alone during these difficult enclosed times together.

So, the reason for my writing:

This post is a cry for help.

A cry for help that you can benefit from too. And it's simply this:

Please fill my time with work.

As much of it as you can.

Make me so busy I will have time for nothing else.

I will be deeply commited to delivering support for you that I will be spared the emotional ying yang of educating my children.

This task will then fall on my husband.

And for all his failings, he does have a little more patience than I.

So, if you care for my sanity (and the safety of my children), then you will load me up with your bookkeeping, tax returns, document writing, following up payments, creating a webiste ... whatever.

Just keep me busy, please!

If you can help, email me at and tell me how I can help you.

Best, Sarah (and my children)

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