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Tears, tantrums and business advice

It's Sunday evening. It should be family time. Quiet time.

A time to relax in advance of the stresses of the week ahead. Combining working whilst home schooling.

Except my Sunday has been turned upside down.

I'm now working AND home-schooling. Unfortunately, my 7-year old, Rosie, didn't quite get through all her activities from the previous week and we're playing catch-up.

One of the tasks is what is called PSHE ... Physical, Social, Heath, Education.

In this particular task, Rosie is presented with 4 sets of identical twins and she must come up with ways they could be different - each twin being unique from the other - beyond their physical characteristics.

So I begin by explaining that people's personalities, tastes, behaviours, reactions all add up to something unique.

"Imagine if you and your sister were identical twins, can you describe how you're different from each other?"

"We've got different colour eyes"

"Yes, but that's a physical thing. Think beyond looks."

"I've got a small hole at the top of my ear."

"Yes, yes you have Rosie, but again, that's a physical feature."

On and on we went; around the houses and back again. Until, and I'm sorry to say, I lost my rag.

It's my fault really. I've not the patience of a teacher, and it's likely I just wasn't able to explain clearly what was needed in the answer.

For the last two weeks Business Buddies has been delivering daily small business tips, which you can find by clicking on the blog link. I hope they've been delivering value for you. They're designed to be simple and quick to use. But I'm conscious of something ...

Have we been explaining things well?

Do the business tips make sense?

Would you like anything else covered, or questions answered?

Today's business tip is: If asked for an opinion, don't be afraid to give it.

And myself and Lindsey would love to hear from you.

I hope your Sunday was better than mine, and your Monday starts off right.

Best, Sarah

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