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The customer is always right, unless they're wrong

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

>> You do what you do because you're an expert <<

But your customers are not. Although I bet you've had your fair share who thought they were.

The problem with knowing more than your customers is twofold:

  1. If your customer is fixed on an idea, it can be uncomfortable to tell them, in such cases, they could be making a mistake. Trying to dissuade someone from an idea they've had their heart set on can be very difficult, even if it's in their best interest.

  2. You'll then meet the opposite who've little idea. And who are looking at you for advice and guidance. On everything. This can weigh heavily on your shoulders, particularly if you run into problems at a later date.

But, at the end of the day, you are the expert. And you will have an opinion.

Today's small business tip is: Be proactive in your ideas.

It's not your job to state exactly what should be done, unless that's what you're being paid for specifically. But where you see areas for improvement, things that could make the final result better, voice your opinion. Politely. Don't be afraid. The customer can always say no.

Similarly, if you've a customer who is clearly looking to get their pound of flesh from your services, make sure they're clear on you're there to do, and it's perhaps not to provide an advisory service the customer should get elsewhere.

But where you can, where you want to, and where the situation allows, give your opinion. The customer will thank you for the additional advice you give. Trust you more for it. And recommend you continuously.

Best, Lindsey

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