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The hidden power of alt + tab

>> In just two buttons your life could be transformed <<

If you use a computer, what I'm about to tell you may light up your life.

It is something I had no idea about until quite recently.

But is so simple I wish I'd known it sooner because it has saved me endless hours fiddling about with my mouse.

Perhaps it can save you a ton of time too?

If, like me, you have multiple applications open at once, for example, I'll have a web browser open, often two or three, each with multiple tabs, from QuickBooks to the Business Buddies website, from HMRC to HSBC, they'll all be there in a row.

I'll also have multiple word documents open ... pdfs... excel ... snipping tools ... Teams ... Outlook ... and so on.

Quite frankly, it's a mess.

In this daily scenario I find myself in, when operating using one screen, finding what you are looking for is a pain in the backside. But because I'll be working on multiple things at once, having these things open at the same time is important. I can move through each as need dictates without having to reopen.

In order to do so, I have to move the cursor about the screen and find the browser, tab, or document I need at that time.

If you add up the time searching and finding in all the years I've worked, I reckon I've lost days of my life.

Quite depressing. But there is light at the end of the tunnel ...

Recently I found two buttons on the keyboard that can short-cut the time it takes to search.

alt + tab

If you hold the alt button with your thumb and at the same time press the tab button, your screen will change. You will be presented with lots of small screens, each representing an open item on your computer.

Continue to hold the alt button, and then press the tab button which moves a highlighted square along the open items.

Keep pressing the tab button, moving the highlighted square, until you come to the item you need, then let go of the alt button.

Hey presto, your desired item opens up. And if you want to go back hold alt + tab and move along to what you need again.

No need to reach for the mouse.

No need to scroll around the screen.

No need to waste time looking for what you need.

Great, right?

Like we always say, sometimes the best tips are the simplest.

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Best, Sarah

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