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There's nowhere to hide

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

The great thing about the internet is that you can find out anything about anything.

The bad thing about the internet is that you can find out anything about anything.

The fact that Google has become a verb, only goes to further show this.

When you're looking for something - or looking to compare something - what do you do?

You Google it of course.

The internet has removed almost any barrier to information.

Even if a lot of it is rubbish.

Got a physical ailment? Doctor Google will help you identify whether it's one of twenty or so possible problems you might have - from the benign right through to the life threatening.

The internet is where you'll first go for information. And it's where your customers will go too.

I remember, years ago, when we were moving home. We made the mistake of signing with a particular estate agent.

On one occasion, I was forced to leave the office to show people around because the guy showing people round the house was late. This was just one of many issues we had with them (he turned up just as the viewers were driving away, and didn't apologise).

They turned out to be utterly inept. Thankfully we were able to get away from the contract.

Interestingly, I got an email from them a few weeks later asking for a review on Google Business ratings, so I gave one. I simply stated the facts of the service, which weren't up to scratch.

This review remains, as far as I last saw, for all to see.

My point is, whatever you do and however you act, the impression you create will leave an indelible mark that remains years after.

We talk often here about the power of recommendation and referrals.

My husband will go to the same hair dresser every time not because of the quality of the cut, but because they burn off his ear hair and trim his eyebrows without charge. Plus he gets a 'free' coffee.

I'm not suggesting you start trimming your customers ear hair, but I hope you understand the power you have in creating a lasting impression.

So today's small business tip is: consider your actions.

They are likely to have a longer lasting implication than you might think.

Best, Sarah


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