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This got me thinking ...

My awareness of household expenses is admittedly quite bad.

The fact of this dawned on me this weekend when my husband explained what he'd done with the accounts in terms of tidying them up.

I hadn't a clue what he was going on about. Savings account, what savings account? We have more than one?? We spend how much on shopping???

Poor, I know.

One drawback of running your own business is that it becomes all consuming. I can tell you the financials of Business Buddies in fine detail.

I know what each of our clients has in their bank accounts, what the money is being spent on, and where it's coming in from.

This is work, and it's hard to switch off. Bad for me, great for you!

But when it comes to home finances, all I can say is thank goodness for my husband.

How regularly do you look at your finances?

Today's small business tip is: regularly check and manage your businesses finances.

Sounds obvious right?

But it would surprise you how many people lose track of their incomings and outgoings.

And you would be even more surprised at how many people couldn't tell you how much money is in their business account from one day to the next.

There's a reason many of our clients have Business Buddies manage and keep an eye on their finances for them ...

Peace of mind.

And if you could benefit from a little peace of mind ...

Of if you want to know what's in your business bank account from one day to the next, just drop me a line.

Best, Sarah


01256 630383

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