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Time is a valuable thing

Today we took a walk up St. Catherine's Hill in Winchester.

If you've not been, I highly recommend it.

It's a challenging climb, and a good few miles around some beautiful countryside.

And this couple of hours with the family really helps me to switch off and think about something other than work.

The result is always that the next time I tackle work, I do it with a refreshed mind, and the results are always better.

I find I'm also able to work faster.

Even now, during lock down, time remains a valuable commodity. But if you're not at the races you'll not perform to your best.

So today's small business tip is: take some time to unwind.

Trekking up St. Catherine's Hill might not be your cup of tea, but whatever it is that helps you relax, put it into practice, particularly on a Sunday, of all days.

Best, Sarah

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