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How to avoid HMRC fines

What do your customers say about you?

If you've not asked, you should. You might be surprised at what they say.

Useful insight that will indicate how well you're doing.

Are you a provider they'll not want to use again ...

Or are you one whose name your customers with sing from the rooftops.

Knowing which can be incredibly useful.

Have you room to improve, if so where? This can help with your work with other customers.

Or are you seen as doing a great job, in which case can you ask for referrals and recommendations with more confidence?

Recomendations like this:

"Running many projects, across multiple locations, with, at times, up to to 100 contractors is tricky enough, but then translating that through the books was a nightmare. And we knew extras money was being left on the table because we didn't have time to dig into the details of each project. With Sarah and Lindsey doing our bookkeeping, VAT & CIS submissions, weekly payments of sub contractors, and all admin tasks including forms for new projects, invoicing clients and ensuring payments are received, we're no longer getting fined for late HMRC submissions, and they're also helping us increase billing from project extras. They're doing a fantastic job and we couldn't recommend them highly enough." -

Ray Taylor, Director, Creative Build Solutions

The big win here for CBS is that by having Business Buddies manage their administration, they've cut out HMRC fines.

And they're particularly happy. But we wouldn't have know that if we'd not have asked.

So today's small business tip is: if you've not asked your customers how you are doing, ask.

Best, Lindsey


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