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What does your business say about you?

>> What you say could be the difference between interest or disregard <<

'Award winning'

As the white van - with one wheel cap missing - drove past, I tried to get my head around this.

The name of the company was emblazoned across the side. And below was written, in italics, this bold statement.

Award winning.

That's it.

Nothing else to suggest which award. Or when they'd won it. Or how it might be relevant to the people who happened to glance at this statement.

There's a saying: The more you tell the more you sell.

But if what you say says nothing at all then you are just wasting valuable advertising space.

Today's small business tip is: be specific.

I always think of it like this: if what you say can be copied by anyone else without any change, then you've not been specific enough.

For example, this particular builder may well have been an award winner - if so, he'd be better placed to include what award he'd won. This would lend credibility and give the casual glancer something to remember them by.

Consider this also for your collateral or website. Be specific. Be unique.

Something else worth noting was the state of the guys van.

Not only was a wheel cap missing, exposing the rusty wheel underneath, but the van itself was filthy.

Mentally matching 'award winning' with a rust ridden and filthy van is itself an oxymoron.

If you want advice on how to stand out from the competition, without spending a fortune, just drop me an email.

Best, Sarah

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