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What's French for tantrum?

"What's Autumn in French mummy?"

"No idea. I flunked languages. Did your teacher not go through it in the video?"

"Yes, but I can't remember it."

"Then I suggest you go back to the old videos and re-watch them again ..."

Such blasphemy is greeted by a stony faced 7-year-old ...

"Oh, god forbid have to go back and do something again!"

This cajoling only serves to cause my daughter to kick-off a tantrum.

Turns out she didn't actually watch all of the tutorial video.

Ten minutes seems beyond her attention span.

Actually, who am I to mock, I failed in languages!

This episode does highlight something I've discovered during lockdown learning.

It's that things only seem to stick once the kids go back through what they've done i.e. re-learn them.

They get the basics down, and then require continual reinforcement of this foundation.

This is much the same when you're investing in bookkeeping software like QuickBooks.

Although it is easy to use, without continual reinforcement through use, you'll soon forget how to get the best from it. And you might as well chuck your money away.

So, today's small business tip is: Invest the time in understanding the basics of QuickBooks.

Continual reinforcement - little and often - is key to success. And preventing tantrums.

Best, Sarah


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