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When you can't see the face, you don't know the place

Dealing with a small business has lots of benefits, but there's one that stands out above all others. And it's this ...

You are never far away from the owner/s.

And when you are never far away from the owner/s, getting things agreed and done becomes much easier.

The reason being is that you're closest to the people who care the most about you being entirely satisfied with the service you receive.

It's the owners that understand, and appreciate, the fine line between success and failure of the business. That fine line built around ensuring customers are happy.

Happy customers spread the good word of your business, bringing you yet more work.

Unhappy customers do the same, but with the opposite effect.

And as a small business, you cannot afford to lose many customers - the line between financial comfort and financial difficulty is a very thin one.

There's another side benefit that you, as an owner of a small business, has that your larger competitors cannot compete with.

You are the face of your business.

When your customers think of your business, they see your face and your mannerisms.

You bring a tangibility, and hopefully a likeability, that customers remember you for. And want to come back to.

Your larger competitors cannot do this. The owners are often several layers removed from dealing with it's customers directly.

Instead, you might deal with a junior person, or someone who cares a little less about the happiness of it's customers.

If you have a problem, or something you want to discuss, it's not the owners you will deal with - and this can lead to frustration.

Our advice to you is, for as long as possible, deal with your clients directly. Even if you should have other team members manage the day-to-day, be there for when a client wants to discuss something.

Also, contact customers semi-regularly just to check in with them.

The success of most small businesses often comes down to its customers knowing you still care. That you continue to have a vested interest in making sure they get the best service possible, even as you yourself grow.

Be there. Be seen. Remain the company your customers originally signed up to.

Best, Lindsey

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