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Business administration tip 5: You're the boss

Business Buddies has been going a decade now.

And in all that time I'd say there's a consistent reason why most of our clients decide to join us.

When I say most, it's close to 90%.

The reason was emphasised to us again recently this week when we met a prospect looking for help with bookkeeping and business administration.

They were already using a company to help with bookkeeping and a few other bits and pieces, but he wasn't happy.

Our guy wasn't getting any sort of personal service.

When he had a question, concern, or just wanted to talk anything through, it would take days to get a response.

And if he was able to get through he'd inevitably end up talking with someone unknown who knew little about his business.

It was completely impersonal.

Think to your business and in dealing with clients - what do you think gives them peace of mind, talking with your juniors or support staff, or dealing with you directly?

Now, we realise, as your business grows, it becomes impossible to be everywhere at once, and deal with every query that comes in. Understandable.

So instead, schedule time when you at least check in with clients.

Trust your staff to deal with them day-to-day, but give clients a call, drop by the job, send them a text, etc ... whatever token of time you can warrant.

After all, you're still thankful for their business as it's their business that keeps your business going, so it doesn't hurt to remind them.

With Business Buddies, because our clients only deal with myself and Sarah, the business owners, it gave our clients peace of mind.

For this reason we won the piece of work, and it's for this reason we will never change the way we run the business.

Keep it personal.

Best, Lindsey

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