Save time and get paid faster with QuickBooks


Manage your finances from the palm of your hand and save around 8 hours a month

Customise invoices   |   Get cashflow insights   |   Manage your VAT   |   Create receipts   |   Prepare self assessment

Get your accounts organised at the touch of a button

Avoid the last minute rush to sort your accounts and ditch the bag of receipts, here's how. 

Business Buddies can save you stress, time and money, by completing your accounts for you on a regular basis.


We use online bookkeeping, QuickBooks, which can be connected direct to your accountant saving them time when filing your tax returns, and therefore saves you money on the bill.

With online access you can get an up-to-the-minute view of your company’s performance – what you’re spending, where you’re making money and most importantly, what your profit is.

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Monthly QuickBooks pricing tiers

Create a QuickBooks package that best suits you

One size does not fit all - so if you find that you need something a little different from these packages, let us know and we'll be sure to create something that gives you what you need.

Partnerships from £140 per month including bookkeeping, online software, completing two self-assessment tax returns and a partnership tax return.

Other services include:


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We really can't sing enough praise for Business Buddies. They have seriously changed our work life for the better, meaning we can focus on running the business rather than stressing out over receipts and spreadsheets!


At first I was a bit concerned about spending the money on this service, but to be honest, it is more than worth it for the lack of stress and the fact it's a job done better than I could manage. Thanks so much Lindsey and Sarah

Marie Behenna, Owner, Studio 41 Fitness 

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